Rattlesnake Line Tracer 120-foot
Rattlesnake Line Tracer 120-foot
Rattlesnake Line Tracer 120-foot
Rattlesnake Line Tracer 120-foot
Rattlesnake Line Tracer 120-foot

Rattlesnake Line Tracer 120-foot

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It's a pipe follow, not just another pipe tracer

The only single line "tracer."  Repair slab leaks with single line reroutes in one day. You'll have both ends of a leaking pipe located and ready for your laborers within an hour - not a day.

Know exactly where a pipe goes - no guessing allowed

Check out this plumber using the Sure-Track Line Follow:

Solve slab leaks in minutes, not days. Locate manifolds under slabs easily.  Follow overhead pipes reliably.  No mistakes, ever.  Perform single line reroutes in as few as two wall holes.  No jackhammering up floors! Use sound and touch to locate, no expensive tracing equipment needed.  Slab leaks can be finished in a single day by locating one end of the leaking pipe and then following the pipe under ground with the Sure-Track Tracer.  Follow a single pipe easily with no training or other expensive equipment.

Never make a mistake tracing a pipe - Underground or overhead

Use to:

Locate Manifolds

Follow overhead pipes

Follow conduit and locate junction boxes

Trace pipes under concrete, in dirt and behind walls

Get on to the next job faster, locate manifolds for reroutes in seconds


Locate manifolds, junctions and follow pipes FAST

Less Expensive than traditional tracing equipment

Durable and compact design

100% reliable. Feel and hear where the pipes are.

Simple.  Follow the noise and feeling. No need for learning how to read complicated tracing equipment.  

Intuitive. Training takes minutes. 

Fast.  Getting the tracer out of your truck takes longer than following a pipe.

Repairable.  If you break it, we can repair it.


Use on:

Plastic or Metal Pipe

1/2" OD tube size or larger,

Use on Copper, PEX, Polybutylene, Iron, KITEC, PVC and electrical conduit piping.

Goes through all straight fittings including soft copper bends (and soft kinks)*

*The RattleSnake head will go thorough 1/2" expansion fittings and all OD straight fittings


1 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

Made in America

Patent Number 11,320,549


Purchase includes:

120' RattleSnake Tool

RattleSnake Controller

110v Plug adapter